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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> two palestinians armed with actiones and knives attack a synagogue in jerusalem. at least four worshipers are killed. hello. in our headquarters in doha with the latest on a developing story out of jerusalem. police fire tear gas in clashes with palestinian protesters. and colombian rebel group confirms it has captured an army general placing peace talks in jeopardy. plus a grand jury decides whether to bring charges
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against a white police officer for shooting an unarmed black teenager in missouri. another day of bloodshed and grief in jerusalem. two palestinian men walked into a synagogue armed with axes and knives. 7 minutes later four worship four were dead including the assailants. >> more violence on the streets of jerusalem. this time in the city's west. a synagogue in an orthodox jewish neighborhood was the target. according to israeli police two people wielding guns and axes attacked worshipers during morning prayers. the assailants are palestinians are east jerusalem. >> israely police units were dispatched and responded quickly. arrived at the scene, shot and
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killed the two terrorists. the area has been cordoned off and they continue to search the neighborhood to make sure there aren't any further terrorists. that the attack took place at a holy site will likely provoke further anger. in the past month, violence has surged in israel and occupied palestinian territories. just on sunday, a palestinian bus driver was found hanged inside a vehicle in jerusalem. autopsy results show he committed suicide but the victim's family and many palestinians suspect foul play. >> the pattern has been set by israely authorities and by the violent and terrorist settlers who are attacking the palestinians and the religious places in jerusalem for quite some time now and we have been warning the leadership has been warning all a long against such behaviors. >> at the heart of the dispute is access to a landmark religious compound sacred to
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both jews who call it temple mount and muslims. palestinians are opposed to demolition of their holmes homes and continued building of illegal settlements in their neighborhoods. the israely prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will respond to the attack with a heavy hand continuing the cycle of violence both sides blame each other for. >> well, today's attack is the lateest in a series of incidents in jerusalem. in july a 16-year-old palestinian boy was burned alive in the jerusalem forest. it came after the deaths of three young israelis. a man drove his car into a crowded train station, two palestinians were killed. a week later, campaigning for more jewish access was shot and seriously wounded. then on november 5th another attack on the railway station. two people were killed when a palestinian man drove his van into a crowd.
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on monday, a palestinian bus driver was found hanged in a bus depot. police say he killed himself but his family believe he was murdered. we are joined now by the executive director from washington, d.c good to have you with us. where is this cycle of violence heading? it is heading into the third palestinian up rising? >> i'm not sure this is a cycle of violence. i think what it is is a systematic opression of one people through the use of military occupation and other discriminatory forms of systematic violence we are seeing in jerusalem. particularly in jerusalem what you are seeing is a population there. palestinian arab population that is under the constant threat of having its connection to the city and symbolic and most significant parts of that city threatened.
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and removed. and we have been seeing that increasingly in the time that the current israely government has been in power with the continued encroachment into palestinian neighborhoods with the advancement of residency revocations and so on. and of course most recently the encroachment on the holy sites in jerusalem. all of this combined is creating the underlying foundations of discontent here. and we are seeing the results of that unfold in full display in recent days and weeks. >> now, i telly i have spoken to israeli officials and their narrative is extremism. in an ideology in culture that
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glorifies the killing of civilians and results in the sort of scenes that we have seen in synagogues today and why the failure of palestinian groups in so -- society to reject that sort of violence directed towards civilians. do they have a point? >> well, it is certainly a convenient narrative for the re talking aboutesponsible. the municipality of jerusalem now which while both sides have claims to -- make claims to it. reality is only the israelis have security jurisdiction in this area. it is not the palestinian authority. it is not hamas. it is the israelis that are responsible for security here. and failures in security fall on the israeli government and provoking the population there is a product of israeli policies in that area. it is very easy for the israeli prime minister and the other members of the israeli government to blame other palestinian factions. the reality is they don't have
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any control over jerusalem, precisely as a matter of israeli design because they don't want them to. so it is about time for the israeli government to take responsibility for their actions in jerusalem. the failure of security that is not just threatening israelis but clearly palestinians in jerusalem as well and to start laying the foundations for co-existence in peace instead of opression. >> all right. we i will leave it there for now. thank you so much. in other news, drake army says it has retaken the largest oil refinery. the islamic state of iraq captured the refinery in baghdad in june. in syria, at least 14 people have been killed by barrel bombs in the northeastern province. activists filmed the destruction.
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government helicopters reportedly dropped two barrel bombs there overnight. in yemen, a senior political leader has been killed by a roadside bomb. he died when his car was hit. he played a key role in the 2011 uprising which ousted long serving president a year later. he was deputy security of the congregation for reform party. lybia's unelected parliament has met for the first time since the supreme court ruled in its favor. and as al jazeera reports the u.n. is struggling to resolve a growing crisis. >> this is the parliament in tripoli. the court ruled in its favor. its first order of business was to give a vote of no confidence to the head of the u.n. mission in lybia and also to authorize senior officials to find his replacement. >> the self-appointed prime
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minister has accused the u.n. of favoring the rival elected government based in the eastern city. less than two weeks teaing supreme court determined that the elected government was unconstitutional and should be dissolved. many have criticized the ruling. >> in benghazi fighting continued days after the prime minister called it a war stricken city and plead for humanitarian aid. fighters loyal to both governments are fighting for control of the second largest city. it is now under control of the militia backed government. in many neighborhoods people set up roadblocks and formed vigilante groups to defend against attacks. garbage has piled up across the city. a visible sign of how constant fighting is stopping critical services. the colombian rebel group
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confirmed it captured an army general. he disappeared on sunday from a remote regional pacific coast. colorado's president juan manuel santos has suspended peace negotiations with the group. they are considered the best hope for ending colombia's 50 yearlong war. live in bogota, there has been a press conference. what is farc saying why it took this general? >> well the farc basically said that one of their divisions of mobile checkpoint units actually stopped the general and detained him. they said this was not, and this is important, not a kidnapping in the words of the farc. this was simply a normal act of war. they said that this general and the civilian lawyer and other lawyer ranking army official were simply in a conflict zone and that they were captured.
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it is very much an act of war in the words of the farc. >> here, the colombian government would clearly disagree with that. but the farc are putting some of the blame on the colombian government saying that because of the government did not agree to a cease-fire, that's why they feel they were well within their rights to take this general. but, what they plan to do with him at this point really is anybody's guess. but you can sure bet they are going to use him for some sort of leverage. they said they need to talk to their commanders on the ground here to get some better idea to try to reach some sort of solution. but what that solution iis and how they are going to reach that is anybody's guess at this point. >> and where does this all leave those peace talks now hanging in the balance in havana? >> the peace talks two words: total chaos at this point. the peace talks have completely broken down. and this announcement by the
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farc that they do have him and they are not planning to immediately release him only throws it into more turmoil. juan manuel santos the president said late last night in an address to the nation he said the impetus is on the farc to release the general and others. now the farc say they don't plan to do that, at least not right now, until they reach some sort of agreement or solution. so i can tell you the peace talks right now are on ice. they are completely stopped. the colombian government negotiators are here in bogota and will not be leaving havana any time soon untille this is resolved. on a side note, tomorrow is the two year anniversary of when these peace talks began. >> they are very advanced. >> they have reached three points of the six points of agreement that they are trying to reach. so it has been going on two years now as of tomorrow. certainly this is not a way that either side wants to be celebrating the anniversary. >> all right.
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gabriel. much more still to come on al jazeera. we will be live in madrid where spain's parliament is holding a symbolic vote on whether to officially recognize the state of palestine. plus the national guard called in ahead of the grand jury decision that could set off more violence in the state of missouri. >> >>
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> its disgraceful... the only crime they really committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell
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people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live. >> today on the stream, >> is one of the largest manufacturers of airplanes valuing corporate interest over safety? a look at a groundbreaking al jazeera investigation on the boing 787 >> the stream, on al jazeera america >> welcome back. let leave reminded you of the headlines here on al jazeera. four people have been killed in an attack on a synagogue in jerusalem. two palestinian men believed
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to be behind the attacks were shot dead by israeli police. israel has raised the security threat level across the country. >> we are going to beef up the police presence in jerusalem. the security presence to safeguard innocent life to make sure there aren't copycat attacks. you know, sometimes these sort of massacres, these sort of attacks give inspiration for want of a better word to other extremists and also we want to avoid any vigilante attack, revenge attack by someone on the israeli side. we want to calm things down and maintain security. >> police fired tear gas at palestinian protesters who gathered after the attacks. crowds in the streets of east jerusalem were driven by by security forces. the deputy head of the revolutionary council says israel's response is driven by political interest. >> netanyahu is yet again and once again is waving the security card. he is running for elections. he wants to win the hearts and
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minds of israelis. this is not a stand alone incident. this is an incident that has come as accumulation of pressure that has been mounting on the heads and minds of palestinians who have seen systematic policy, an exation of land, configurescation of property and announcement of building more and more settlements and working on changing the status quo. >> president obama has attacked the attacks brutal. he says too many israelis and palestinians have died in the conflict. now from washington, d.c., more reaction unraveling there in washington. tell us about that. >> right. just over an hour ago we received the e-mailed statement from the white white house from president obama condemning the attack calling palestinian and israeli leaders to work towards peace. quentinly he was convening a meeting of public health and national security officials on ebola. but he said a few moyer words. he expounded on his thoughts
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on the incident. >> the murderers represent the kind of extremism that threatens to bring the middle east from a spiral which is difficult to emerge. we have to reminded ourselves that the majority of palestinians and israelis overwhelming want peace and being able to raise their families knowing they are safe and security. the united states wants toking with work with all parties involved to make that a reality and to isolate the kind of extremists that are bringing about this terrible carnage. u.s. secretary of state has spoke benn his revogues at the attack in london. we expect the state department briefing to begin in about an hour or so. we will keep you posted to further comment from washington. thank you very much. spain's parliament is holding a symbolic vote to recognize a palestinian state. there have been similar moves to increase pressure for a two state solution. britain and ireland approved similar motion. sweden went a step further and
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officially recognized the pal cincinnati october. and france and denmark scheduled similar votes. >> for more on the spanish vote, live from madrid. we understand this is a very likely to clear parliament. where well will that leave official spanish policy? >> well, it won't have an immediate effect on spanish government policy. this is a nonbinding vote. it is basically parliament passing motion. and the text of the motion remains unclear. the vote itself probably likely to take place in about an hour's time a lot of other business is being done by parliament in the building behind me. and the original text proposed by the opposition social it party spoke very much unilaterally about recognizing palestine as a state. an amendment which has been put forward by ruling conservatives talks much more about negotiated settlements involving israel, also about the recognition of israel's
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interests and ambition. it is the amendment taking it far closer to existing government policy. so the text of the final motion, which is put before parliament won't be known until it is placed up for a vote. nonetheless, the sentiment is very clear. the fact is that the spanish parliamentarians, the deputies in the building behind me have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of process in the peace process and they want to effectively join other countries as you mention in europe which have tried to put pressure on both sides, not just israel but palestinians to come to some kind of accommodation where they can sit around the table and come to a meaningful peace talks. >> and this is becoming as you touched upon there more of a european wide sentiment, now isn't it? >> it is. taken in isolation, the spanish vote in itself is really not much. but taken in a greater
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context, wider context. we had sweden which is formally recognized the state hood of palestinian. we had britain and ireland take votes similar to the construction of the vote which is going to take place here in madrid, which is base bayesically in principle talking about the statehood of palestine in a principle type of way. but the snowball of sentiment which is coming from europe which is the frustration, i would almost call it impatiens from both sides that this deadlock which has continued for many months and in years just appears to have no end and they want to put pressure to try to break that deadlock. >> all right. thank you for that. now nato is accusing russia of massing forces on both sides of its border with ukraine. it has seen tanks, troops and advanced air defense systems. russia denied similar allegations last week calling them anti-russian hot air.
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nato's secretary-general has been meeting with european defense ministers in brussels at least it is a military buildup and the picture we have confirms the picture which is also provided by other sources, by open sources, by independent reporters, by their -- they are also providing information about the military buildup, both inside ukraine. but we also see a military buildup on the russian side of the border. and speak about troops. we speak about equipment and speak also about artillery and more than air defense system. this is a serious military buildup and call on russia to pull back their troops and contribute to a peaceful arena. iran is entering a de sigh 605 round of talks. negotiators from the u.s., uk, france, germany, russia and china collectively known as
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the p 5 plus 1. while they are trying to meet a november 24th deadline for a final deal. a case of bird flu has been confirmed at a duck farm in the united kingdom. the government says it is not the h 5 n 1 strain which is risky to humans. instead it is a strain called the h 5 n 8. that is the same strain confirmed in outbreaks in germany and the netherlands. the state of emergency has been declared in the u.s. state of missouri where a grand jury will decide if a police officer will be charged for shooting and killing an unarmed black teen. the incident led to violent protests in ferguson. the unrest disrupted local businesses. a report from the town where the community is trying to get back on its feet. >> ferguson, missouri is now on alert. the governor on monday issued a state of emergency for the city calling up national guard troops and added police from
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neighboring cities, including st. louis. >> we do not want to make this look like it is a militarization of our police department or -- we want to make sure that people know these cops are just there to keep peace and they are not there to clash with protesters. >> dem demonstrators too were preparing for a show down. taking to the streets to urge a grand jury to charge a local police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teen with a crime. the august death of michael brown drew thousands of protesters to the streets. along with police in combat gear in protests that have some time spun out of control. >> the attorney said -- >> the new normal for business in ferguson missouri is slow. glacially slow. >> we normally do real good business but since the order, the -- everything going on, business has been cut in half.
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>> to help struggling businesses, local organizers made monday buy black for ferguson day. it might not be heavily advertised, -- >> doesn't make any difference for me. >> it does have supporters here. >> i believe that it is a very good idea to support businesses in your community therefore you can create more jobs in the community for people that are here. so, i think that is is a very good idea. the idea was to take the tragedy of ferguson and do something positive it with. to take local money and pump it into black owned local businesses like these. but the overall effect of the shootings has been far more damaging to most of the businesses in town than one day of shopping. >> we don't get the decision we are looking for, i definitely think the businesses are going to suffer and the people are going to make a lot of noise. >> and what is the decision you are looking for? >> i'm looking for -- we need
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to charge this guy and get the brown family the justice they deserve. if the grand jury doesn't deliver demonstrators their version of justice, they have already made clear what the result will be. >> who do you protect, who do you serve -- >> al jazeera, ferguson, missouri. japanese prime minister is called for a election. he is looking for a new mandate to bring more economic reform. japan has been sliding back to recession since he took office for the second time some two years ago. now they are a solid majority in parliament. >> i want to make it clear through the debates during the next general election ewhether our economic policies are right or wrong or there is no choice available to us. >> japan has cut its whale catch target in the antarctic.
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tokyo hopes that by reducing the call by two-thirds they will be allowed to restart the annual whale hunt. the international court of justice ruled that japan had to stop whaling because there wasn't enough proof it was for science. critics say the hunt is a cover for commercial whaling. indonesian president has raised the country's low fuel prices by a third. it will save the country 10 billion in subsidies. >> only minutes after the announcement of the fuel price hike people started queuing across the country. indonesians are used to the lowest fuel prices in the world and now worry about rising living costs. >> this give us headache because our expenses go up. >> if possible raise the fuel price but also our income. >> indonesia spends
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about $20 billion a year on fuel subsidies something that has dramatically delayed -- in crucial areas. next year it will be a $10 billion u.s. save because of this. it means that there is more room for building infrastructure, education, health and also the social security, which is, if people say this is not pro policy, i think it is. it is. when will poor people, for example, feel the first benefits of the money being spent directly to them? >> the direct support is coming even these days. so there is no gap. because the money is there already. >> the low fuel price has delayed investment in the country's oil industry. indonesia was exporting oil
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but now is the largest importer. other sources of energy have barely been explored. >> few to fuel subsidies they have not explored their fuel sources for energy. something they need to stop depending on oil imports. >> they want to simplify regulations and encourage competition with a national oil company. if nothing is done, the government admits the country could face an energy crisis soon. >> it is very urgent. it is very urgent to start thinking not only depend on the oil so we should develop other source of energy because we process a lot of energy resources but the only problem is we depend a lot on oil. >> to those on the streets, what matters most is the make and need what many m say is rising fuel and living costs
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they are heading for a tough time for al jazeera. and of course if you want to keep up to date with all the news, you know where to head over to al jazeera,.com. you can see our front page there with the lead story, the situation in jerusalem. by the al jazeerar raised investigative unit that include fears from the airline own wrongerrers caught on hidden camera.